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FIFA 20: TOTW Moments Is Suspended For Now!

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments Extinct
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EA Sports FIFA, have announced that TOTSSF will be replacing TOTW Moments squads from now on. So, your reward packs from FUT Champions, will be TOTSSF players from that week’s TOTSSF. As opposed, to the TOTW Moments squad, which has been the case for the past 6 weeks!

What Does No FUT TOTW Moments Mean?

FUT TOTW Moments, has provided a nice twist to standard TOTW’s. However, obviously, since the content is just rehashed, it makes them less exciting than the real life TOTW.

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 6 – TOTW 32 – Last TOTW Moments

Now, with the TOTSSF promo for the next couple of months, EA has announced that TOTW Moments will be suspended indefinitely. EA Sports will bring back TOTW to FIFA 20, if real-life football returns. Which may be possible in certain Leagues, such as the Bundesliga.

However, as you may already know, Ligue 1 and the Dutch Eredevisie have cancelled any remaining football for the 2019/20 season.

What Happens To TOTW Moments 7 – TOTW 33 on FIFA 20?

FUT 20 TOTSSF Promotion

It seems like TOTW 33 will not be a thing, unless EA chooses to continue with TOTW 33 when/if football returns for the 2019/20 season. TOTW Moments 7 also looks very unlikely, however, there is a slim possibility that if no football returns by June 10th 2020, then EA may continue with TOTW Moments in some form.

As that will be the end of the TOTSSF promo, and essentially content will be quite thin at that stage of FIFA.

However, with this unique 2019/20 season of football, if somehow UEFA’s plan of playing the Champions League during August takes place, then we could be in for some treats from FIFA 20. With FUT Champion’s League TOTT cards being upgraded, and special cards/SBCs being released.

Rewards From FUT Champions/Weekend League

From now on, until at least June 10th 2020, your FUT Champs rewards will feature TOTSSF players, from that week’s TOTSSF squad. These teams will pretty much be fully stacked, so the reward from competing in the FIFA 20 Weekend League, may finally be worth all the sweaty gameplay!

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