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FIFA 20: What Happens To TOTW Without Football?

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PSV won the first leg 3-2 at Eindhoven. Both teams will be desperate to qualify for the Champions League.

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments TOTW Replacement
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Without any football for at least a month within Europe, we have a few weeks to come without a FIFA 20 TOTW in Ultimate Team. Therefore, EA has devised a replacement solution called TOTW Moments. This is a cool idea, which will bring random TOTW’s from old FIFA’s back into FIFA 20.

Details About FIFA 20 TOTW Moments

  • When does it come into play: Wednesday, 18th March, 2020.
  • What TOTW’s can it be: It will be FIFA TOTW’s from previous FIFA’s that match what the current one would be if real football was in play. So it started with TOTW 28, from FIFA 18 and will continue until/if the 2019/20 football season resumes.
  • Time: TOTW Moments are announced each week on Wednesday’s by EA SPORTS FIFA at 3 pm and players are in packs from 6 pm.
  • FUT Champions Rewards: TOTW Moments replaces TOTW FUT Champion Player Picks rewards.
  • Which players are excluded: Any players that have since retired or are not available on FUT 20, will not be in TOTW Moments. E.g. Robben, Torres or Petr Cech.
  • Will TOTW Moments count for SBCs : Yes, FIFA 20 TOTW Moments players will count in the same way informs count for SBCs.
  • How are OTW and Headliner cards affected: Ones To Watch and Headliners will receive upgrades if the player is included in the weekly FIFA 20 TOTW Moments squad. However, the headliners win streak upgrades are paused until the 2019/20 season resumes.
  • What about FIFA 20 TOTW packs before the 18th March: If you still have TOTW packs (TOTW Upgrade, Ultimate TOTW Pack, Premium TOTW Pack) in your FUT club that are dated before the 18th March, you will actually get players & items from TOTW 26. If the 2019/20 season resumes, the TOTW will update from the current TOTW 26 one.

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 1

We had the first FIFA 20 TOTW Moments on the 18th of March 2020. It was the throwback TOTW 28 from FIFA 18, featuring Gareth Bale (86), Kyle Walker (87) & Jesse Lingard (84).

FIFA 18 TOTW 28 – 1st FIFA 20 TOTW Moments

There are differences between the FIFA 20 TOTW Moments squad and the original FIFA 18 TOTW 28 squad other than just the different clubs or player faces. Take a look at the original FIFA 18 TOTW 28:

Original FIFA 18 TOTW 28

What EA has done is compensate between the ratings from FIFA 18 and FIFA 20. So in this case, Kyle Walker’s card went up to an 87 given his higher base card in FIFA 20 (84) vs FIFA 18 (83). While, James Rodriguez is only 86 rated in FIFA 20 TOTW Moments unlike his original 88 rated IF on FIFA 18. This is because his FIFA 20 rating is 85 while in FIFA 18 it was 86.

The good news is that the original player positions from the past FIFA’s will stay the same, so in this case, Bale remains a CF!

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments Card Design

One of the sickest things about new FIFA 20 promotions are the new card designs. The FIFA 20 TOTW Moments card design is top-notch, hat’s off once more to the EA Sports Graphic Design team!

Picture by Birdiex94x

Impact of TOTW Moments on FUT 20

TOTW Moments not only gives us a new TOTW and gives us FUT Champions rewards but they also mean:

  • New TOTW Moments cards in the draft mode
  • Fresh options that count as TOTW items for SBC requirements
  • A reason to do featured FUT objectives – as some special TOTW Moments will be available through objectives
  • Quality FUT Champs rewards
  • A greater chance of getting something good in packs, especially combined with FUT Birthday cards which drop this week
  • Weekly featured squad battle within Squad Battles

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2

How happy are you about FIFA 20 TOTW Moments? Surely, EA have done a good move, avoiding the potential of having no TOTW’s and no reason to play FUT Champs. What else would you like to see, and are you hyped for more retro TOTW Moment cards?



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