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FIFA 20: TOTW Moments 6 Squad: Griezmann, Aubameyang & Firmino – TOTW 32

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 6 32 Squad Aubameyang Greizmann
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EA have released TOTW Moments 6 – which would be TOTW 32 normally on FIFA 20. Just as a reminder, these TOTW Moments squads are replacing standard TOTW because real life football is still in lockdown. These TOTW Moment squads match up to what the real one would be normally, and come from old editions.

TOTW Moments 6 Announcement By EA Sports FIFA

This week, the TOTW Moments 6 squad came from FIFA 17, TOTW 32. It is actually a very, very good looking team.

TOTW Moments 6 Squad

Pretty much, almost all the FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 6 squad is useable. It is a really good looking team. With some outstanding players, such as IF Griezmann (91), IF Aubameyang (90) and IF Firmino (89). Not to forget, the other three main players: IF Koulibaly (92), IF Benzema (90) and IF Umititi (87).

3 Best FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 6 Players – In-Game Stats

We’ll analyse the 3 best FUT 20 TOTW Moments 6 players. The best way to do this is showing you their in-game stats, and then giving our recommendations of where to play them.

3. Roberto Firmino – 89 OVR – ST

TOTW Moments Roberto Firmino, is the lowest rated of the three. But that doesn’t mean his card is still not very good. In particular, we think if you play him either as a false 9 (CF) or a number 10 (CAM), TOTW Moments Firmino would become a serious threat on FUT. Let’s look at Firmino’s (89) in-game stats.

TOTW Moments 6 – Roberto Firmino – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The best part of TOTW Moments 6 Roberto Firmino, is his 5 star skill moves, 90 finishing, 93 dribbling and 92 short passing. As mentioned before, playing him in a false 9 (CF) or number 10 (CAM) position would make him unplayable.

He only has 81 pace, otherwise, we’d say you could leave him as a sole striker. You could always play him in a two up front, with a quicker striker (like Aubameyang, who’ll we review in a few moments!).

2. Antoine Griezmann – OVR 91 – ST

It was a hard decision to pick which is the better value for money, TOTW Moments Griezmann or Firmino. The cards are very similar in price, Griezmann has better pace, shooting and passing, but Firmino has 5-star skill moves and has better dribbling and physical. Plus, Griezmann has the negative of having only 3-star weak foot instead of Firmino’s 4-star weak foot!

However, as you’ll see from the in-game stats of Griezmann, he still would be a great ST, especially in a two with a hunter card on him.

Antoine Griezmann – TOTW Moments 6 – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The stand out stats for TOTW Moments 6 Griezmann, is his 93 finishing, 92 agility and 90 curve. He is the perfect striker inside the box with 94 reactions, pretty much being the first to every 50-50 ball in the box. Plus, just like in real life, Griezmann is handy in the air with 91 jumping and 86 heading accuracy.

The only let down for Griezmann on FUT is his 3 star weak foot. Which is why we would recommend you play him in a two up to. If you play him as a RS, you can let him constantly cut in on the left foot and basically do what Arjen Robben did successfully his whole career!

1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – OVR 90 – ST

The best thing about TOTW Moments 6 Aubameyang, is that this 90 rated FUT card already costs 350k less than his 90 rated Headliners card. Plus, this TOTW Moments card design is pretty special, especially since we’ll probably never see this promotion again.

Let’s have a look at Aubameyang’s in-game stats on FIFA 20, to see why he is our favourite TOTW Moments 6 player.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – TOTW Moments 6 – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

Moments Aubameyang fits the FIFA 20 meta so well. He has 96 pace, 92 finishing and 90 composure. He really is a great striker to play upfront on his own. Plus, he is 6ft 2″ tall so will more than likely win a lot of ariel duels and pose defences a few physical problems. Aubameyang also benefits from having 4 star skill moves and weak foot.

If you can pick up Moments Aubameyang for anything under 350k, that would be a great price for his FUT card. To be honest, Firmino and Griezmann are also both steals for the prices they are going for/will go for in the next few days.

Let us know who your favourite FUT card is in the TOTW Moments 6 squad.

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