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FIFA 20: TOTW Moments 3 Released – Robertson (87), Partey (87) & Ndidi (87)

TOTW Moments 3 FIFA 20 Robertson, Ndidi, Partey
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TOTW Moments 3 has officially been announced. It should really be called TOTW Moments 87, as there are seven 87 rated players in the squad!

EA TOTW Moments 3 Announcement

EA Sports announced TOTW Moments 3 squad as they normally do at 3 pm on Wednesdays.

EA TOTW Moments 3 Tweet

Thoughts on TOTW Moments 3 Team

Initial thoughts are mixed when seeing the TOTW Moments 3 squad. It definitely doesn’t look as impressive as TOWT Moments 2. However, there are some decent 87 rated cards available without any mega quality cards. SIF (second inform) Robertson definitely looks like the pick out of TOTW Moments 3.

Partey would get a mention, however, his 87 Moments card is lower rated than his 88 rated UCL Live card which is only around 200k currently.

3 Best Players From FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 3 Squad

3. Thomas Partey (87)

Thomas Partey 87 TOTW Moments 3 In-Game Stats – Futwiz

Thomas Partey still makes the list in the top 3 best players from TOTW Moments 3, despite having a higher rated 88 UCL Live card – that could still be upgraded further (if the Champions League continues this season).

This 87 rated TIF Thomas Partey, has a very well rounded card. With superb stamina (96), passing (89 short/85 long), shot power (92) and long shots (88). He really can do everything and even is good at dribbling (86), despite being a 6ft 1″ tank.

2. Ndidi (87)

Ndidi is a very similar player to Thomas Partey, however, given that this TOTW Moments 3 card is the best version of Ndidi you can buy, we rank him higher. His stats are also very well rounded, he is just slightly more defensively centred than Partey. Ndidi does have some incredible stats such as 97 stamina, 91 stand tackle, 90 slide tackle and 90 aggression. He is a real monster in the midfield and can even pop off some decent shots from distance with 91 shot power. His passing is good as well, with 85 short passing and 80 long passing.

1. Andy Robertson (87)

The TOTW Moments 3 Andy Robertson (87), is a superb card. He is a very vertasile left-back that gets you a strong/green chemistry link with Van Dijk. He also has perfect stamina (96), tackling stats (87 stand/84 slide), crossing (92) and pace (89 sprint speed). Plus, he is the best version to buy if you do not want to pay 880k/780k (PS4/Xbox One) on the 94 rated TOTY Andy Robertson card.

Let us know what you think about the TOTW Moments 3 squad in the comments below. Also, tell us which is your favourite player in this TOTW!



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