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FIFA 20: TOTW Moments 2 Released – De Bruyne, Koulibaly & Nainggolan

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After some walk in the park preseason matches, this will be an interesting test for both teams.

FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2 De Bruyne Nainggolan Koulibaly
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FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2

EA announced the new FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2 squad today at 3 pm. It is based on TOTW 28 from FIFA 18. We think it’s a superb team, usually, FIFA 20 TOTW’s only have a handful of players that you would be ok with getting in your FUT Champs player pick rewards. But genuinely, apart from a few, we would be delighted with most of these IF players, especially with the fresh FIFA 20 TOTW Moment card designs.

The Best FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2 Players

Kevin De Bruyne (OVR 91 – TOTW Moments 95)


Kevin De Bruyne TOTW Moments card is a big upgrade from his current 91 FIFA 20 gold rare card. You can see he has had a beefy upgrade to his pace (+6), shooting (+7) and dribbling (+5).

Koulibaly (OVR 89 – TOTW Moments 91)


Koulibaly has received a minor upgrade to his 89 rated FIFA 20 gold card. Even though his TOTW Moments 2 card is 91 rated, the actual stat upgrades are quite small. For example, his pace and physical have only increased by 3 ratings to 74 and 90 respectively. His defending has only seen a +2 increase as well.

Radja Nainggolan (OVR 83 – TOTW Moments 87)

From all the players out the TOTW Moments 2 squad, Radja Nainggolan certainly is one we are very excited about. An absolute FIFA legend, Nainggolan has been the go-to-guy for many FUT owners for the past few years. However, this year his card got a significant downgrade but with this juiced up 87 rated TOTW Moments 2 card, he looks like the go-to-guy again in the centre of midfield. His stats are so perfectly rounded, comparable with Icon Ballack. Plus, he has freakishly rated 90 shot power and 92 long shots! What a baller.


Which players from FIFA 20 TOTW Moments 2 has you most excited? Also, a fun game we like to have is guessing the prices of the top 3 players. Leave a comment below to what you guess Kevin De Bruyne (95), Koulibaly (89) and Radja Nainggolan (87) will be worth this time next week when TOTW Moments 3 is out.



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