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FIFA 20: The Most Ridiculous FUT Card Ever? – FUT Birthday Nick Pope SBC Solutions

Nick Pope FUT Birthday 87 SBC 5 star skill FIFAPRIME
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EA Sports FIFA just released FUT Birthday Nick Pope, who in our opinion has to be a contender for the most ridiculous FUT card ever!

EA Sports FIFA FUT Birthday Nick Pope Announcement

Today, on the 9th April 2020, EA announced a 5 star skill move Nick Pope! It’s like EA have set a new standard of what they expect us to do with goalkeepers.

No more are goalkeepers only able to save goals, they are now able to become an attacking threat. Skilling their way into your opponent’s half and doing something special. It is an absolute bonkers card, but we still love the idea and creative thinking of EA Sports. Why not bang 5-star skill moves on a 6ft 7″ goalkeeper, who probably has the agility of a ferry?

Ridiculous FUT Birthday Pope SBC Card

FUT Birthday Nick Pope SBC Solutions, Time & Cost

Thankfully, there is only one SBC section to complete for the FUT Birthday Nick Pope. However, this FUT Birthday SBC expires on the 12th April 2020, so you have to act fast!

Here is a full list of FUT Birthday Nick Pope SBC requirements, cost and rewards:

  • Number of players from England: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 80
  • Number of Players in the Squad: 11
  • Cost: 47k – PS4, 60k – Xbox One, 49k – PC
  • Reward: FUT Birthday Nick Pope

FUT Birthday Nick Pope SBC Solutions

The best current Nick Pope FUT Birthday SBC solution is only 47k on PS4, 60k on Xbox One and 49k on PC. Here is the solution.

Nick Pope FUT Birthday SBC Solution – Futbin

You can use any 85 rated player at left back, Onana was used because he was the cheapest 85 rated FUT card at the time.

FUT Birthday Nick Pope (87) In-Game Stats

You may be wondering if there is any use looking at Nick Pope’s in-game stats. You do have a point, as he is a goalkeeper. However, the main reason is to see the new 5-star skill move rating and his size.

FUT Birthday Nick Pope In-Game Stats – Futwiz

FUT Birthday Nick Pope somehow has 5-star skill moves now and 3-star weak foot. Not bad, for a 6ft 7″ monster goalkeeper. He must feel like a literal tank to manoeuvre and he probably has the turning circle of a bus.

But, the fact you can get a goalkeeper with 5-star skill moves, on FIFA 20 is a massive point of interest. Even though you’ll only try skill’s against friends, as he doesn’t provide any real benefit for FUT Champions or serious gameplay. For under 60k, we think FUT Birthday Pope’s card is pretty decent.

There are quite a few other good options you could go for, so unless you really enjoy the FUT Birthday card design (like us) or want to mess around against friends, then FUT Birthday Nick Pope would probably be a miss.

What are your opinions on FUT Birthday Nick Pope? Would you use him as your main goalkeeper?

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