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FIFA 20: Player Moments Aaron Ramsey (90) SBC Solutions & Review

Aaron Ramsey - FIFA 20 - Player Moments SBC
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Aaron Ramsey has got a new 90 rated Player Moments card. It looks absolutely epic, EA is really killing it with the quick release of these Player Moments cards.

EA Sports have given Aaron Ramsey a Player Moments card based on his performance against Galatasary in 2014, when he played for Arsenal. That was the game when he scored a scorching volley outside the box into the top bin. That volley will always be remembered in Champions League history.

Aaron Ramsey (90) Player Moments FIFA 20 In-Game Stats

Given that he is a Juventus player (Piemonte Calcio), Ramsey’s 90 rated CM card has even greater value. There are not many options in Serie A for top-class central midfielders, so Aaron Ramsey may be the best/one of the best.

Let’s dive into Aaron Ramsey’s in-game stats.

Aaron Ramsey Player Moments (90) In-Game Stats – Futwiz

When analysing Aaron Ramsey’s Player Moments stats on FIFA 20, you have to say they are pretty remarkable. He is quick enough for a central midfielder (79 pace) and very good at shooting (90), passing (89) and dribbling (88). In particular, his stand out stats are his 94 short power, 94 short pass, 90 long pass, 89 dribbling and 97 stamina.

He is a great box-to-box midfielder, that will do his job defensively but also bang in some great long-range goals. The only slightly negative thing about his card is that he has 3-star skill moves but he does have a 5-star weak foot to somewhat compensate. Also, he is Welsh, which makes hybrids slightly harder to make. However, you could easily link him with Alex Sandro and other Piemonte Calcio team-mates to get a strong chemistry link.

Aaron Ramsey (90) Player Moments SBC Requirements

You have to be quick to complete the Aaron Ramsey SBC before it is gone. You have until the 4th April 2020 (6PM – GMT).

The Aaron Ramsey Player Moments SBC has two components:

Serie A

  • Number of Serie A players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 84
  • Team chemistry: Min 80
  • Players in squad: 11
  • Reward: 1 Premium Mixed Players Pack

85-rated team

  • In-form/Player Moments card: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 85
  • Team chemistry: Min 75
  • Players in squad: Min 11
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack

The current prices according to FUTBIN are 144k/146k (PS4/Xbox One).

Aaron Ramsey (90) Player Moments SBC Solutions

Aaron Ramsey Player Moments Serie A SBC Solutions:

Aaron Ramsey Player Moments 85 Rated SBC Solutions:

Is the 90 Rated Player Moments Ramsey (CM) SBC Worth It?

Whether the FIFA 20 Player Moments Aaron Ramsey is worth it, really depends on you. If you have a Serie A team and would like a midfielder, that can score you quite a lot of goals and also hit some great passes and do a decent job defending, then Aaron Ramsey (90) is your man. If you are looking for a hybrid squad, he may be tougher to link with other nations, if you do not have Icons.

Let us know what you think about Player Moments Aaron Ramsey, in the comments below! How much do you think his card is worth?

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