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FIFA 20: OTW Players To Invest In – TOTW Moments Cards, FT. Nicolas Pepe

FIFA 20 OTW TOTW Moments Nicolas Pepe Best Investments Information
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Without any Football being played in the foreseeable future in the major leagues, you would think OTW players might have no value in them.

However, some of these players had TOTW’s in FIFA 18/19 from TOTW 28 onwards. Therefore, depending on which TOTW EA re-release from either FIFA 18/19 as a FIFA 20 TOTW Moments squad, we could see some nice upgrades to the FIFA 20 OTW players.

6 FIFA 20 OTW Players To Invest In

The user 7FOOT7 on Reddit, compiled a handy Google Sheet spreadsheet with the different OTW FIFA 20 players that had Inform cards in FIFA 18/19. Obviously, some of these IF’s came out prior to TOTW 28, so we will not see them having a chance of getting an inform, until Football returns.

According to the list, there are 6 FIFA 20 OTW players to invest in which had IF’s, after TOTW 28 in FIFA 18/19:

  1. Julian Brandt
  2. Nicolas Pepe
  3. Thorgan Hazard
  4. Eden Hazard
  5. Coutinho
  6. Wissam Ben-Yedder

Have a look at the spreadsheet, showing the FIFA 20 OTW players with IF card’s in FIFA 18/19.

FIFA 20 OTW Player’s With IF’s in FIFA 18/19

All of the players highlighted in green are the ones who are the greatest investment opportunities, regarding getting an upgrade to their FIFA 20 OTW card. We believe EA could choose any of these FIFA 20 OTW players in their upcoming TOTW Moments squads, as long as they were an IF after TOTW 28.

However, the safest player to invest in, is almost certainly Nicolas Pepe. He was involved in the TOTW 31 & TOTW 36 in FIFA 19. Given that EA is likely to rotate between FIFA 18/19 for TOTW Moments teams, it is likely that Nicolas Pepe will at least feature in one of the upcoming FIFA 20 TOTW Moments teams. This make’s Nicolas Pepe’s FIFA 20 OTW a great card to purchase.

Nicolas Pepe 87 FIFA 20 OTW Prices

Pick up the 87 OTW Nicolas Pepe before he could potentially go extinct. As his price range only goes to 150k on PS4 and 160k on Xbox One. Therefore, there is a good chance his card may go off the market completely until the upgrade is applied to his card!

The FIFA 20 OTW Cards To Sell/Avoid

As the spreadsheet shows, there are some FIFA 20 OTW cards that either did not have IF’s or did have IF’s in FIFA 18/19 but the TOTW was before TOTW 28. Meaning, they will no longer be eligible to be in any FIFA 20 TOTW Moments teams. These are the players to avoid or sell if you have them currently:

  1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka
  2. Luka Jovic
  3. Hirving Lozano
  4. Mauro Icardi
  5. Christian Pulisic
  6. João Félix Sequeira
  7. Joelinton
  8. Frenkie de Jong
  9. Lucas Hernández
No OTW Upgrade for Aaron Wan-Bissaka

It is frustrating that players who were in good form prior to the Football break, such as Aaron Wan-Bissaka or Frenkie de Jong are unlikely to get an upgrade to their FIFA 20 OTW now. Meanwhile, Eden Hazard, Coutinho or Wissam Ben-Yedder still have a good chance of getting a FIFA 20 OTW upgrade.

Leave a comment to which FIFA 20 OTW player you are investing in, or had to sell due to this update!

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