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FIFA 20: La Liga TOTSSF Squad – Team of the Season So Far

FIFA 20 La Liga TOTSSF Team of the Season So Far
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Today (8th May 2020), EA has released the La Liga TOTSSF on FIFA 20. The Santander La Liga Team of the Season So Far is an unbelievably amazing squad.

EA Sports FIFA 20 La Liga TOTSSF Announcement

EA Sports FIFA, announced the FIFA 20 La Liga TOTSSF squad, on the 8th May 2020. As normal, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona dominate the TOTSSF. With 5 Barcelona and 4 Real Madrid players.

FIFA 20 La Liga TOTSSF Squad

The FUT 20 La Liga TOTSSF team, is unbelievably good. We have 99 Messi, 97 Suarez, 97 Varane & 96 Ramos. Even the lowest-rated La Liga TOTSSF team (88), still have amazing stats.

3 Best Players In FIFA 20 TOTSSF Squad

We’ll give our 3 best players in the FUT 20 TOTSSF squad. They won’t be based solely on rankings but as an overall package, considering their price. Which will give a surprise result for our number 1 best FUT TOTSSF card!

3. Nabil Fekir – 96 OVR – CAM

Nabil Fekir – FIFA 20 TOTSSF – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

TOTSSF Nabil Fekir, is a remarkable card on FUT 20. He is 96 rated and a CAM, meaning you can even play him as a CF or ST if you fancy. We think in a two, he would be quite a lethal ST when partnered with a big striker.

Nabil Fekir, has 94 acceleration, 98 shot power, 96 finishing, 95 short passing, 99 balance, 99 dribbling and 96 strength. He is very fast, extremely lethal with his shooting and a near perfect dribbler! You couldn’t want much more than that, plus he has 96 strength which is crazy.

The only negative with Fekir’s TOTSSF card, is his 3 star weak foot. He’s not that great with the right foot, but if you play him as a right striker and constantly cut in on his left foot, then you should have no problems!

2. Lionel Messi – 99 OVR – RW

Lionel Messi – FIFA 20 TOTSSF – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

You may be wondering, why we don’t have the highest rated player on FIFA 20 as our number 1 best La Liga TOTSSF card. The reason why TOTSSF Messi, is only ranked second is because for his 3 million FIFA coin price tag, we think there is a better value for money card in La Liga TOTSSF squad.

TOTSSF Messi, has 99 acceleration, 99 finishing, 99 short/long pass, 99 curve, 99 dribbling and 99 composure. There are a whopping 12 in-game stats that are rated the perfect 99!

His card is absolutely fantastic, as you would expect from the maestro. TOTSSF Messi will feel absolutely superb, there are a couple things that aren’t perfect though. Such as his med/low work rates and the fact he is a RW and not a CAM/CF/ST. However, you can switch his position in-game. Messi definitely needs to be played in a central position, to make the most of his awesome stats.

1.Toni Kroos – 96 OVR – CM

Toni Kroos – FIFA 20 TOTSSF – In-Game Stats – Futwiz

TOTSSF Toni Kroos, is the best value player in the FUT La Liga TOTSSF, in our opinion. He is an 96 rated CM card, with 90 acceleration, 97 shot power, 96 long shots, 99 short/long passing, 99 composure, 94 dribbling, 93 interceptions, 92 stamina and 90 strength.

Combined with his 5 star weak foot and being 6ft in height, plus costing under 300k FIFA coins, Kroos has to be the best value for money FUT card by some long way.

Toni Kroos, generally struggles on FIFA with his low pace rating. However, this TOTSSF card gives him 90 acceleration. Making him rapid for the vital short bursts in midfield, or tracking back within the first 15-20 yards. He also has 93 interceptions and 90 strength, so he’ll really run the park both offensively and defensively.

The only slight weakness for the TOTSSF Kroos card, is his 71 agility. However, since he has 94 dribbling and 99 ball control, it should help him make up for this relatively low stat.

Who is your favourite La Liga TOTSSF card? Do you think EA missed out on any players for the TOTSSF La Liga on FUT 20?

Let us know your opinions in the comments, plus follow us on Twitter for more news!

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