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FIFA 20: James Maddison Player Moments SBC Solutions

James Maddison FIFA 20 Moments SBC Solutions
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James Maddison has been given a 90 rated Player Moments SBC, with crazy 94 passing, 89 dribbling and 90 shooting stats. EA awarded this Maddison Moments (90) card, for his excellent victory in the E Premier League Invitational.

EA Sports FIFA Maddison SBC Announcement

Premier League Maddison Moments Announcement

This 90 rated Player Moments Maddison on FUT 20 looks supreme. For a CAM/CF, he has the perfect stats. If you wanted to, you could apply a hunter/hawk card to make him even more lethal going forwards.

James Maddison Player Moments FIFA 20 In-Game Stats

It’s not enough, just to look at Player Moments Maddison’s base card stats. We have to really analyse his in-game stats on FUT 20, to really see if he is worth paying almost 200k FIFA coins for.

James Maddison Player Moments FIFA 20 In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The standout stats for Moments Maddison, are his 98 shot power, 91 long shots, 96 vision, 95 short passing, 94 agility and 90 stamina. Maddison also has 4-star skill moves and 4-star weak foot which are really handy.

The only stats from his Moments card on FUT 20, that are not perfect, are his 85 sprint speed, 77 reactions, 60 strength and 68 aggression. You can boost his speed, pretty easily with chem styles though. We think Maddison’s best position is either as a number 10, or a false 9 position. With his amazing passing, you will benefit from great through balls to your wingers/strikers.

Maddison FIFA 20 Player Moments SBC Solutions & Price

Player Moments Maddison, costs around 170-190k on FIFA 20. Depending on what price you manage to pick up the players. Our 3 SBC Moments Maddison solutions, via Β FUTBIN, are some of the cheapest solutions, without requiring loyalty.

First off, ‘The Foxes’ squad, that comes in at around 35k coins. It requires:

  • Min. 1 player from Leicester City
  • Min. 1 player from TOTW or TOTW Moments
  • Min. Team Rating 83
  • Min. Team Chemistry 80
James Maddison Foxes SBC Solution

The second squad is an England SBC, which costs aroundΒ 50k. It requires:

  • Min. 1 England player
  • Min. Team Rating 84
  • Min. Team Chemistry 75
James Maddison England SBC Solution

Finally, the Maddison Premier League squad SBC, costs around 90k FIFA coins, is the most expensive squad required to complete the challenge. It requires:

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Min. Team Rating 85
  • Min. Team Chemistry 70
Maddison Premier League SBC Solutions

Is Player Moments Maddison Worth the Coins?

We think at under 200k FIFA coins, Moments Maddison is well worth the FUT coins. He isn’t quite as good as the TOTSSF cards, but he is much cheaper. TOTSSF Jordan Henderson, for example, costs around 550k which is more than twice the cost of Maddison. He’s a great addition to a Prem FUT squad or even to get a perfect link to Vardy, or strong links to other English Prem players.

What are your thoughts on Player Moments Maddison, let us know in the comments or tweet us at @fifaprime.

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