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FIFA 20: Jadon Sancho POTM – Cheapest SBC Solutions

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The first 2019 Ashes Test beckons. Can Australia finally win the Ashes in England after an 18 year wait?

Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM February FIFA 20
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Jadon Sancho won the Bundesliga Player of the Month for February. His 89 rated POTM card looks absolutely spectacular, with Messi-like 95 dribbling stats. Since football is unlikely to be back for a while due to Covid-19, this may be the last Player of the Month card for a long while!

Jadon Sancho POTM SBC Information

  • Date of release: The Jadon Sancho POTM SBC was released on the 20th March 2020.
  • End of SBC: The Bundesliga POTM SBC ends on the 16th April 2020.
  • Interesting Fact: Jadon Sancho scored 3 goals and got 2 assists during February. He managed to beat bitter Bayern Munich rivals Serge Gnabry and Joshua Kimmich to the FIFA 20 POTM award.

Jadon Sancho FIFA 20 POTM SBC Requirements

EA Sports listen to our complaints after the plethora of SBCs requirements to get the Bruno Fernandes POTM card. The 89 rated POTM Sancho card is much easier to get, you only need to complete 2 challenges!

Borussia Dortmund

  • Squad Rating – Min. 85
  • Borussia Dortmund players – Min. 1
  • Team Chemistry – Min. 75
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack


  • Squad Rating – Min. 86
  • Bundesliga players – Min. 1
  • Team Chemistry – 70
  • Reward: Small Rare Gold Players Pack

Jadon Sancho POTM SBC Solutions

As of the 25th March 2020, the price for the Jadon Sancho Bundesliga POTM SBC is 287.35k on PS4 and 279.9k on Xbox One, according to FUTBIN. We have compiled the two best solutions around currently (beware of the cheapest ones on Futbin or Futhead, as these are likely to be price fixed).

Borussia Dortmund SBC Solution

The Borussia Dortmund SBC costs around 94k on the PS4 and 97k on Xbox One.

Cheapest Borussia Dortmund SBC Solution

Bundesliga SBC Solution

The Bundesliga SBC costs around 161.5k on the PS4 and 158k on Xbox One.

Cheapest Bundesliga SBC Solution

February POTM – 89 Rated Jadon Sancho In-Game Stats

The 89 rated Jadon Sancho POTM card is very Messi-esc, minus the unbelievable shooting stats. If we take a look at Sancho’s in-game stats you can start to see the resemblance.

Jadon Sancho 89 Rated POTM In-Game Stats

The stand out stats for Sancho’s 89 rated LF POTM card are 97 dribbling, 96 agility and 95 balance. He also has an impressive 89 finishing and 93 acceleration. He definitely could be a lethal part of your strike force, especially in a 4-3-2-1 formation.


Jadon Sancho’s 89 rated February Bundesliga POTM card is a superb pick at under 300k. You can either link him with a Bundesliga team or build a great English/Premier League hybrid.

Given that football seasons around Europe are uncertain for the next few months, it really makes a lot of sense to pick up this Jadon Sanchez card. Remember that standard informs will also not be in packs obviously, so FUT Champs rewards may be affected.

What are your thoughts or opinions? Do you think his current SBC price is fair or would you have liked to see him cheaper? Plus, we love seeing your teams so leave us a comment with who POTM Sancho fits your FUT.

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