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FIFA 20: How To Play The FIFA 20 PS4 Open Series tournament – Prizes, Dates & More

FIFA 20 FUT Tournament PS4 Ultimate Team
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Playstation has organised a few more tournaments, to give you a chance to win money and other great prizes by competing in the FIFA 20 Open Series.

Background On the FIFA 20 Playstation Open Series

Last year, in the summer of 2019, Playstation released the Challenger Series on FIFA 19 which allowed FIFA players to compete for small cash prizes. This year, on FIFA 20, Playstation has released what they call the “Open Series”, which has thousands of dollars/pounds to play for!

The Playstation Open Series tournaments are very easy to enter and if you are really talented at FIFA 20, then you could make some serious money for free!

Announcement Tweet For FIFA 20 PS4 Open Series Tournaments

PS4 Open Series: Tournaments Prizes

As explained in the Playstation blog post, the PS4 Tournaments – Open Series, creates prizes for all competitors, without regard to your ability.

All players are guaranteed to earn the PS4 Tournaments theme and avatar after joining their first tournament. The level of rewards increases the more you progress:

  • Special PS4 theme for each game you complete a qualifier.
  • Elite versions of the themes and avatars if you finish a qualifier in the top 40%.
  • ‘Best of the best’ PS4 Tournaments Champions themes and avatars if you make it to a Monthly Final.
  • ‘Rarest of the rare’ Champions PS4 themes and avatars if you finish top and showcase dominance.

The best bit are the money prizes, however, to make any money, you’ve got to win matches. If you get first place in the weekly Open Qualifiers, you will receive a cash prize of $100 (or your currency equivalent), while taking first in the Monthly Finals means you could earn up to $1000 – not too bad for a few games of FIFA 20!

PS4 Tournaments: Open Series Schedule & How To Join

If you want to compete in the FIFA 20 Open Series, you’ll want to know what time the tournaments take place. Fortunately, the wait isn’t long, as the first FIFA 20 Playstation tournament takes place on the Monday, June 1, 2020.

Good news is that all PS4 players are eligible to enter the Playstation Open series, providing you play FIFA 20. Simply go to the Events tab on your PS4 and sign up for the tournaments you’re interested in.

Let us know if you are joining the FIFA 20 Playstation Open Series Tournaments, plus let us know what prize you could realistically win!

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