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FIFA 20: Flashback Ogbonna 88 SBC Solutions

Ogbonna 88 Flashback FIFA 20 SBC Solutions
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Today, the 29th March 2020, EA released a FIFA 20, 88 rated Flashback Ogbonna SBC. He looks like an absolute beast of a card, with 87 pace, 89 defending and 88 physical.

FIFA 20 – Flashback Ogbonna Profile

The flashback FIFA 20 cards have come thick and fast during the last couple of months, especially given the lack of real-life Football. The 89 rated Ogbonna flashback card looks outstanding. He was awarded this card based off his significant contribution to the 2017-18 West Ham season, which if you remember, featured an on-fire Dimitri Payet lighting the Premier League up with his unbelievable tekkers.

This article is about Ogbonna, so let’s concentrate on his epic flashback card. He actually scored 3 goals and played 39 matches for West Ham during 2017-18, proving his tough and resilient reputation earned in Italy.

Flashback Ogbonna Announcement By EA Sports FIFA

On the 29th March 2020, at 6 pm (GMT) EA Sports FIFA announced this sick 88 rated Ogbonna flashback card on FIFA 20.

88 Rated FIFA 20 Flashback Ogbonna

FIFA 20 Ogbonna Flashback In-Game Stats

Given that Ogbonna only has a 77 rated gold card on FIFA 20, this card will finally put his face back into FUT matches! Let’s dive into the in-game stats of the 88 rated flashback Ogbonna on FIFA 20:

88 Flashback Ogbonna In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The pick of the in-game stats from Ogbonna is his 95 strength, 93 sprint speed, 91 stand tackle and 90 short passing. He is such a muscular beast at 6ft 3″, with a perfect physique for a CB and Ogbonna has unbelievable passing stats as well. With 88 long passing and 90 short passing.

He will ping it to your strikers with ease and also be a threat from distance, with a decent shot power stat of 78. Ogbonna even has pretty remarkable 83 dribbling and 94 composure stats, not too shabby for a tank of a CB.

He is also quite agile for a CB with 73 agility and 72 balance, meaning he shouldn’t struggle too much with turning and dealing with over the top through balls to pacy strikers. He also will be decent in the box, with blocking shots and reacting quickly to ping type passes, with his excellent 95 reactions.

Regarding pace, he is the fourth fastest CB (87 pace) in the Premier League. He is just behind 87 rated TOTW Moments Kyle Walker (93 pace), 99 rated TOTY Virgil Van Dijk (88 pace) and 87 rated Future Stars Fikayo Tomori (88 pace).

Flashback Ogbonna SBC Cost & Requirements

The Ogbonna 89 SBC has three SBC components, so, unfortunately, he is quite pricey at the moment. He costs 364.3k on PS4, 352.25k on Xbox One and 367.75k on Origin.

Flashback Ogbonna SBC Cost – Futbin


  • Players from Italy: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: 85
  • Team Chemistry: 75
  • Players in Squad: 11
  • Reward: Prime Mixed Players Pack

Premier League:

  • Players from Premier League: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 85
  • Team Chemistry: Min 75
  • Players in Squad: 11
  • Reward: Small Rare Gold Players Pack


  • In-Form or TOTW Moments Players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 86
  • Team Chemistry: 70
  • Players in Squad: 11
  • Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack

FIFA 20 Flashback Ogbonna 89 SBC Solutions

Cheapest solution for the 85 rated Italy SBC (96k Xbox/PS4):

Italy 85 Rated SBC Solution

Cheapest solution for the 85-rated Premier League SBC (93k Xbox/PS4):

Premier League 85 SBC Solution

Cheapest solution for the 86-rated Squad SBC (165k Xbox/170k PS4):

86 Rated Squad SBC Solution

Remember that prices can and will change, so players in the solutions which do not provide any chemistry but only rating, such as the 85 rated Gulacsi, can be replaced with any 85 rated player. The same with the 84 rated inform Pepe Reina, you can use any 84 rated IF, it is just that he was the cheapest 84 IF at the time of the solution.

Is 88 Rated Flashback Ogbonna SBC Worth Doing?

Let’s not put it two ways, the 88 rated Ogbonna flashback card is very expensive. He is well over 300k, however, in reality, his stats will see you through until FIFA 21. His card is also going to link with the most sought after players, such as Virgil Van Dijk, Alisson Becker or even Italian players.

If you have a whole heap of untradeable players or lots of high rated players in your club that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, then definitely do this SBC. As you will get one of the best CBs in the game, one that is in the Premier League and who you can link with the best FUT cards in the game.

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