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FIFA 20: Best Value FUT Birthday Card – Saint-Maximin – Invest Now

Saint Maximin FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Review
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You may be wondering what card/s to pick up from FUT Birthday 1. There is one player we think is an absolute must-have; if you can folk out the 1 million coins!

Best Value FIFA 20 FUT Birthday 1 Player – Saint-Maximin

You may question whether Saint-Maximin could be classified as the “best value” at 1 million+ FUT coins, but don’t just take our word. Huge Gorilla aka Spencer Ealing, one of the best FIFA 20 players in the world, gave a detailed review of his FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, that he played in FUT Champs. While reviewing his team, he was comparing Maximin with the 1.5 million FUT Birthday Marcus Rashford (90) and basically put Saint-Maximin on another level.

In the words of Huge Gorilla, Saint-Maximin is in his “top four” players he has enjoyed using on FIFA 20. He goes on to say that on FIFA 20, the 88 rated FUT Birthday Saint-Maximin is the nearest player on Ultimate Team to Neymar, regarding left stick agility/agility.

Huge Gorilla, said that according to his high standards (where he called 91 Zidane stiff and 90 Rashford overpriced in the same video) Saint-Maximin is an “incredible” player. Definitely think about investing in Saint-Maximin or putting him in your team before FUT Birthday 2 squad comes out tomorrow (Friday, 3rd, April 2020).

Check out Huge Gorilla’s full squad review here. Skip to the 7th-minute mark to hear what Gorilla has to say about Saint-Maximin.

FUT Birthday Saint-Maximin (88) In-Game Stats

Now you have heard about how good FUT Birthday Saint-Maximin is on FIFA 20, it is only right you get to see his FIFA 20 in-game stats for yourself.

Saint-Maximin 88 FUT Birthday In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The FUT Birthday Saint-Maximin (88) is absolutely sensational in-game, as the review by Huge Gorilla suggests. His dribbling stats are out of this world, he has 99 agility, 98 dribbling and 94 balance. Not only that, but he has 97 acceleration and sprint speed. This guy really has it all, especially when you consider that he has 5-star skill moves and a 5-star weak foot. Plus, he has 97 shot power!

An absolutely mental card is the 88 rated, FUT Birthday Saint-Maximin. Make sure to pick him up soon, as the hype from people using him has already bumped his price up by 100k in one day alone on PS4/Xbox One.

Worst Value Card From FUT Birthday 1 FIFA 20

Now after analysing the best value FUT Birthday card, let’s look at the worst. The FUT card was in the same video from Huge Gorilla’s squad review. It is the 90 rated FUT Birthday Marcus Rashford. He looks to be a beast in-game but unfortunately, Rashford was “too inconsistent” in-game. He was “not very agile” and he was “inconsistent” with his finishing as well.

Marcus Rashford 90 FUT Birthday In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The FIFA 20 pro went on to add that he was a “total ripoff” at 1.5 million coins on PS4. He didn’t see any real differences from Kylian Mbappe’s standard rare gold (89) which only costs 500k (PS4) currently.

What are your thoughts on the best value FUT Birthday 1 player? Have you had a chance to try Saint-Maximin, be it on FUT Draft or in your Ultimate Team? Also, let us know which is the worst value FIFA 20 FUT Birthday player, down in the comments below!

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