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FIFA 20: Best TOTW Moments 2 Investment – Lucas Moura IF (85)

FIFA 20 Lucas Moura Best Investment FIFA TOTW Moments 2 Squad-01
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Today, on the 1st April 2020, TOTW Moments 2 will go out of packs on FIFA 20 at 6 PM (GMT). Therefore, as always, there are some good investment opportunities to boost your FUT coins. We think the best investment from the TOTW Moments 2 squad is the 85 rated Lucas Moura striker card.

Best TOTW Moments 2 Investment – Lucas Moura (85) – ST Card

The reason why TOTW Moments Lucas Moura is a great investment is not only that he is a TOTW Moments card, which makes him even more special than a normal IF, but he is an ST compared to the RM of his Shapeshifter card.

Let’s check the in-game stats of TOTW Moments 2 Lucas Moura.

Lucas Moura (85) TOTW Moments 2 In-Game Stats – FUTWIZ

He has the perfect stats for a striker, especially for a super-sub striker coming off the bench with 97 acceleration, 95 agility and 90 dribbling. At 99.5k on Xbox One and 134k on PS4 he is a bargain for those stats. Especially, with that cool TOTW Moments card design.

Why Is Lucas Moura (85) a good investment?

Lucas Moura (85) ST is a good investment as he only has a normal 83 rated CF card. He does have an 87 Shapeshifter card, but it is RM, so it is not very desirable given the other pacey options out there for that position. This 85 rated striker version is extremely rapid, very agile and great for dribbling with. Lucas also has 4-star skills/weak foot so he really ticks all the boxes for a quality striker.

When Should I Buy TOTW Moments Lucas Moura?

We think you should buy TOTW Moments Lucas Moura today before the TOTW Moments 2 squad goes out of packs (6 PM GMT). Otherwise, you could wait until Sunday/early next week when people sell players from their Weekend League squad.

When Should I sell TOTW Moments Lucas Moura?

Either you should sell the 85 rated Lucas Moura on Thursday/Friday just before Weekend League this week. Or you can wait for next week. This is a quick investment opportunity, given that over the next few weeks there will be much more gamers on FUT Champions. Since everyone is confined to their own homes, so there will be more people playing FIFA 20. He will definitely go up in value, so Lucas is a great purchase to make today.

What do you guys think about Lucas Moura? Do you have any other players from TOTW Moments 2 that you are investing in? Let us know in the comments. Also, TOTW Moments 3 comes out later today!

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