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FIFA 20: 5 Best Value Icon Swaps 3 – Players & Prime Icon Pack

FIFA 20 Icon Swaps 3 Best Value For Tokens Kaka Maldini Dalglish-01
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Icon Swaps 3 on FIFA 20 came out on the 13th March 2020. We still have until the 24th April 2020 to get the first 12 Icon Swap tokens. Let’s assess which FIFA 20 Icons possess, the best value for the tokens it takes to get them. We’ll use the quality of the player/FIFA 20 price, for the quality of their card to evaluate the best value Icon Swaps.

#5 – Gennaro Gattuso – (90) Prime Moments Icon – 7 Icon Swaps Tokens

Gennaro Gattuso (90) Prime Moments Icon is a super card for only 7 Icon Swaps tokens. He is a great CDM, with 97 standing tackle, 95 sliding tackle, 95 stamina and 89 strength. Have a look at all his in-game stats. In particular, Gattuso has remarkable defending and physical stats.

Gennaro Gattuso (90) Prime Moments Icon Stats – Futwiz

#4 – Prime Icon Pack – 9 Icon Swaps Tokens

The Prime Icon Pack provides fantastic value for tokens. Although it is likely that one of the Prime players you will pack is in the lower spectrum. Here is a list of the worst Prime players you can pack, so you could brace yourself for the worst-case scenario. As we like to think for any pack, you should expect the worst and if you are ok with that, then it is a decent reward to opt for!

Lowest Value Prime Icons – FIFA 20 – Futbin

As you can see, the cheapest FIFA 20 Prime Icon is Flippo Inzaghi who costs only 160k on PS4. He is definitely a card you hope to avoid with this Prime Icon pack. However, after him, most of the players start to look playable and remember these are the worst FIFA 20 Prime Icon players. The worst Prime Icon players only make up 1/3 (33%) of all Prime Icons. Most of the Prime Icons on FIFA 20 cost more than 500k, so it is something to consider with this pack. So there is the potential you could get an absolutely sick player.

#3 Kenny Dalglish – (90) Middle Icon – 16 Icon Swaps Tokens

Kenny Dalglish is one of the best strikers on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, so agile and effective in shooting. When you check out most pro/Esport FIFA 20 player’s Ultimate Teams, they will almost certainly feature Kenny Dalglish in some way.

Have a look at Kenny Dalglish’s Middle Icon in-game stats via Futwiz.

Kenny Dalglish (90) Middle Icon In-Game Stats – Futwiz

The stats don’t do him justice compared to how he performs in-game. He is absolutely phenomenal, which his 1.5 million price tag on PS4 backs up. Dalglish feels much quicker than 87 pace, and you can easily have his pace upgraded with chem styles. His shooting is absolutely clinical and he feels so agile (90 agility) and great to dribble with (89 dribbling).

#2 Kaka – (91) Prime Icon – 15 Icon Swaps Tokens

The fact you can get Kaka’s Prime Icon (91 rated) for only 15 Icon Swaps tokens is a supreme deal. The 2007 Ballon d’Or winner is the ultimate pro. We love Kaka, the fact he is only 91 rated during the prime of his career is a little bit of a crime. But we’ll pass on that debate and rate him second in terms of the best value Icon Swaps 3 promotion.

Let’s dive into Kaka’s Prime Icon in-game stats.

Kaka (91) Prime Icon In-Game Stats – Futwiz

Kaka has 93 dribbling, combined with 92 acceleration and 87 stamina. Making him a very well rounded maestro/playmaker. He has superb passing (90 short passing/84 long passing) but he is also very effective at shooting. With 86 long shots and 85 finishing. Kaka is also relatively strong (78 strength) with great height (6ft 1″). Plus, Kaka has 5-star skills and 4-star weak foot, so he truly is an awesome card to use on FIFA 20.

#1 Paolo Maldini – (92) Middle Icon – 13 Icon Swaps Tokens

Paolo Maldini is largely considered one of the best centre backs of all time. He is widely decorated, winning almost all trophies in Italian/World Football. Being able to get Maldini’s 92 rated Middle Icon for only 13 tokens, makes the best sense out of all the players in Icon Swaps 3.

Let’s have a look at Maldini’s Middle Icon in-game stats on FIFA 20.

Paolo Maldini (92) Middle Icon In-Game Stats – Futwiz

Maldini is very quick with 82 pace, plus he also has very good passing with 85 short passing and 79 long passing. As an added bonus, Maldini reacts like a Mongoose with 95 reactions.

Most importantly are Maldini’s unbelievable defensive stats, every stat is above 92, with 96 standing tackle and 95 slide tackle being the stand out stats. He will wreck your opponent’s striker all game long. He also is strong (83 strength) and has good stamina (80).

We think given his 92 rating, and the way he absolutely dominates any opponent in-game, he has to win the best value for tokens from FIFA 20 Icon Swaps 3.

Let us know in the comments, which Icon you think provides the best value for the tokens in Icon Swaps 3. Also, let us know if we missed an Icon out from our top 5 FIFA 20 Icon Swaps 3 rewards!

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