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FIFA 20: 3 Best Icons For Under 500k

FIFA 20 Best Icons Under 500k Zola Socrates Hernandez
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Everyone knows most Icons are probably not worth the high amount of coins they cost, but they just look sick. Plus, they have a sense of nostalgia, having a legend you grew up adoring just makes them special. They also provide chemistry with all FUT cards! We’ll look at 5 Icons that provide good value for money and most importantly provide you with the most fun.

3 Best FIFA 20 Icons Under 500k

(FUT player prices accurate as of March 26, 2020).

3. Luis Hernandez (Middle ICON) – 87

Luis Hernandez – Prices on 26th March 2020 – Futbin

FIFA 20 Middle ICON Luis Hernandez 87 FUT Card

  • PS4: 315k
  • Xbox: 271k

Luis Hernandez is a stunning striker that is perfect for the FIFA 20 meta, having great pace (91), dribbling (87) and shooting (87) stats. Plus, you have around 200k spare to spend on the rest of your team, while having a deadly ICON striker that you can link with any leagues. He is perfect to use in a 4-3-3, where you can use a different league/nation on the LW and RW positions.

Let’s dive further into his in-game stats so we can evaluate where his greatest strengths are in FIFA 20 and any possible weaknesses.

Luis Hernandez 87 In-Game Stats – Futbin

Luis Hernandez has a few stand-out stats, for example, his 93 acceleration, 90 finishing and 89 agility. These stats, funnily enough, are arguably the most important for a top-quality FIFA 20 striker. Not only is he very agile and great at dribbling, but his heading is through the roof. He has 91 heading accuracy and 88 jumping, so despite his 5ft 9″ frame, Hernandez will cause your opposition all sorts of trouble in the air.

2. Sócrates (Base/Baby Icon) – 87 Rated

Sócrates – Prices on 26th March 2020 – Futbin

FIFA 20 Base ICON Sócrates 87 FUT Card

  • PS4: 417k
  • Xbox: 398k

Sócrates is an absolute beast of a player. At 6ft 4″ Sócrates bullies most FUT opponents with his statue and strength. He is such a well-rounded player, despite only having 47 defence. We didn’t have any problems tracking opponents down and winning the ball back with him. You will also bully a lot of opponents, using the jockey movement.

Let’s have a look at his in-game stats to see his greatest strengths.

Sócrates 87 In-Game Stats – Futbin

Sócrates is just an absolute tank with flair. He is not immobile either, with a respectable 80 pace and 78 agility. Just look at how many green stats he has across the categories, he is a very well rounded card. He has great stamina (85) and strength (82) also, combined with his 6ft 4″ statue. Plus, unlike other CAM/CM players, he has 4-star skills and 5-star weak foot!

We recommend playing him in CM, as has great presence and at the same time can link-up play, with his excellent 88 short passing and 86 long passing. His long shots are ridiculous as well, boasting 90 shot power and 89 long shot stats.

1. Gianfranco Zola (Middle Icon) – 87 Rated

Zola – Prices on 26th March 2020 – Futbin

You may be slightly perplexed at our choice for the best FIFA 20 Icon under 500k. But we absolutely love using the Middle Icon Gianfranco Zola. He is an 87 rated CF, but most play him in a sole CAM role just behind the striker. In-game, he feels very similar to Messi, given they are very similar height and both have an unbelievably low centre of gravity. He manages to drift past players effortlessly, and his agility from the first touch is especially magical!

Let’s look at 87 rated middle Icon Zola’s FIFA 20 in-game stats.

Zola 87 In-Game Stats – Futbin

He has marvellous stats for a number 10 or even a false 9 in a 4-3-3 formation. Zola is incredible at dribbling, shooting, passing and has great pace. The pick out of the lot is his 92 dribbling, 88 agility and 87 finishing stats. He’ll turn any defender and then either ping it to one of your teammates or bury it in the top bins. Some Icons really struggle with stamina, but this middle Icon Zola has decent enough stamina at 80. The reason why this 87 rated version is even better value for money, is because of the prime Icon Zola rated at 90 has 2 less pace and 4 less stamina!

Right, that is our verdict, what do you think? Let us know who your favourite FIFA 20 Icon is for less than 500k in the comments below. Or tweet us at @FIFAPRIME.

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